Christmas Pajama Mini-Sessions

For months, I’ve been kicking this idea around in my head.  How to set up something fun, unique, and super cute for the holidays.  By this time of year, almost all of my “holiday” family sessions are already shot and/or booked.  Weekends are pretty  much gone (unless anyone is up for freezing with me outdoors at the end of December).  But…  I still have lots of kids I haven’t seen yet.  And that’s just no fun.

So, here they are.  Christmas Pajama Mini-Sessions!

These are going on now through early December with only ONE weekend set aside for them.  If you’re interested in booking, contact me ASAP to save your spot!   🙂

Beat The Heat – Summer Studio Super-Mini’s!

Anyone else feelin’ themselves dehydrate as soon as they walk outside?  It can’t be just me…

This summer is super duper hot.  And I’m finding that sessions spent outdoors are somewhat counter-productive in that the little ones are getting super hot (read: super cranky) & super fast.  So my solution?  Super Studio Mini-Sessions.

These sessions apply only to ages 8 months & up (babies must be sitting unassisted) and are limited on availability.

Please email me for details to book yours now!  🙂

Calling all faces…

This blog will be about something unprecedented for me… and I’m super excited about it.  🙂

In lieu of a Surprise Session this month, I am on the hunt for a few fresh faces to participate in a studio casting call!

Ten (10) lucky peeps will be selected for  mini-sessions are available for this week & next week (weekday evenings only).  And the best part?  No session fees. Yep, you heard me right.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Sessions will last approximately 15-20 minutes per child.
  • Children must be sitting unassisted (but not yet walking) OR over the age of 4 years (HS seniors & adults are welcome, also).
  • 10 individuals will be selected based on need for age/gender – additional sessions may be added at a future date.
  • Those interested in attending, please click here to utilize the CONTACT FORM to apply.
  • Prints/Digital will be available for purchase following your session.

This is a perfect opportunity to grab a quick updated shot of your little nuggets – and maybe circumvent the need for those hideous upcoming school photos (ew).  🙂

What are you waiting for?  CONTACT ME to be selected!

Mabel – 4 Days Old | NWA Newborn Photographer

Oh, little Miss Mabel.  The most perfect little face… she looks so much like her big sisters, I could hardly believe it when I saw her.  She gave us a good stretch of “awake” time today, but eventually gave in and slept so peacefully while we snapped away.  Here are just a few of the images from today’s session…

Mabel’s aunt made this precious little hat for her to wear… and I am posting this specifically for her because I know what it’s like to be a super proud aunt! 🙂

Just until…

So many sessions to blog.  So many more to edit.

So, until I can get back here to post the rest, please use this happiness to tide yourselves over.  🙂

Jax | NWA First Birthday Portraits

Somehow, an entire year has passed since we shot Jax’s newborn session… I’m not quite sure how that happened, but it did.  And here we are, one year later.  🙂

Happy Birthday, little Jaxy!  Hope you saved some room for your party cake later today.  🙂

Anoura | NWA Baby Photographer

Guess who came to see me today?  Mhm.  Anoura… and she’s the cuteness.

Juliette | NWA Infant Photographer

Sweet Juliette… all of 11 weeks “new”, she has definitely created one happy mama.  Just look at those cheeks… you’d be happy too.  🙂

And then…

…he slept.  Finally.

Sweet Miles. Your TahTah loves you. 🙂

Game On | NWA Children’s Photography Contest

A few weeks ago, I posted on Facebook for some contest ideas.  There were several good ones, but my favorite one (worst school photos, LOVE this idea) would require me using another photographer’s images.  That’s no bueno.

Then, a baby boom happened, and I *almost* forgot about the contest.  Until today, when I miraculously remembered it.  Yay, me!

So, who wants to win a YEAR’S worth of mini-sessions for their kid?  That’s right.  I said it, a year’s worth.

Here’s how to play…

Dig through your snapshots and send me the funniest photo of your kid doing whatever it is your kid does that’s funny.  Little Jimmy likes to play in the sandbox in his diaper while wearing a paper crown and fake mustache?  Awesome.  Send it in.  Suzy thinks it’s funny to put on all your makeup while you’re in the shower?  Superb.

Here’s an example:

This is her idea of “hiding” from me during a game of hide-n-seek. I did NOT teach her how to play this game, I would just like to note that.

I’ll be accepting entries until midnight on Friday, September 17th, with a week-long voting contest (here, on the blog) to follow.  Entries MUST be photos taken as a snapshot (i.e., no professional images from other photographers) and must be emailed to

The winner will receive 4 complementary studio mini-sessions for the year of 2011.

How ’bout that for a contest?  Hmm?  Game on, my people.

*note* – Studio Mini-Sessions are booked per child and each mini-session includes 2 fully-edited digital files on disk.  Additional prints/products purchased separately.

Not yet following my Facebook?  Whatcha waitin’ for?