Beau: Fresh Baby

I get a lot of questions about newborns & specifically, these Fresh Baby sessions.  What are they?  When do they happen?  But won’t I look terrible in the photos if I just had a baby?

Let me tell you this:  motherhood is beautiful.  YOU are beautiful and these first moments with your new baby – whether it’s your first or your fourth – are ones that you can never recreate.  These sessions are my favorite sessions to photograph and I’m going to show you why.

When you or I look at these photos, what we will see is a family welcoming its newest member.

What mom will see is her sweet little girl, so incredibly sleepy & in need of a nap, but so full of love for her baby brother that she can barely handle herself.  Her biggest boy, so curious about this new change coming into his world.  Her little man – who is now a big brother himself, so happy and unaware of just how much his little life has changed.  Her parents.  Her husband.  Herself – exhausted from labor, but so incredibly in love with every single one of these faces.

Beau:  Fresh Baby
















Ahh.  Beau.  You’re the perfect caboose for this bunch.  🙂

Come learn… you know you wanna | NWA Photography Workshops

Calling all moms/dads/aunts/uncles/grandparents – or anyone else who wants to learn to take better photographs of their kids!  After months of thinking & planning, I’m happy to announce that I’ll begin hosting snap! workshops this Fall.  So fun, right?

Workshops will be held in three-part sessions.  The first two will consist of small group meetings (4 participants maximum), using hands-on instruction.  The third is a one-on-one 45-minute session with me, to be scheduled at our convenience.

First session begins in the month of November and is being offered for an introductory rate of $150 per participant.

There is only one spot remaining for this group – get in quick! UPDATE: Group one is offically full. To inquire about future workshop dates, please click below!

Contact me to reserve your spot  (or for additional details/future group info)

The birth of a nephew

If you read my last blog post, you know that I’m an aunt again (more likely, a Tah-Tah or Tia, depending on which of my nieces he picks up the nickname from).  Little monkey was scheduled to be here via c-section today, but just couldn’t wait and decided to join us early… here are some photos from the night (morning) of his birth.  I’ll be blogging him lots.  Prepare yourself.  🙂

(this next image really gets to me… little Miles gave us a scare with his breathing when he was first born. My mom and brother have always been able to communicate with only facial expressions, when necessary. This was hers…)