M Fam | Northwest Arkansas Family Photographer

No way, no how am I going to let this family sneak by without making an appearance on the ol’ blog.  Nope.  Not under my watch.

maybe he’s starting to like me

I still can’t tell.

Come learn… you know you wanna | NWA Photography Workshops

Calling all moms/dads/aunts/uncles/grandparents – or anyone else who wants to learn to take better photographs of their kids!  After months of thinking & planning, I’m happy to announce that I’ll begin hosting snap! workshops this Fall.  So fun, right?

Workshops will be held in three-part sessions.  The first two will consist of small group meetings (4 participants maximum), using hands-on instruction.  The third is a one-on-one 45-minute session with me, to be scheduled at our convenience.

First session begins in the month of November and is being offered for an introductory rate of $150 per participant.

There is only one spot remaining for this group – get in quick! UPDATE: Group one is offically full. To inquire about future workshop dates, please click below!

Contact me to reserve your spot  (or for additional details/future group info)


This little piggy went to market.

This little piggy stayed home.

This little piggy had roast beef.

This little piggy had none.

This little piggy cried “wee, wee, wee” all the way home.

Jax | NWA First Birthday Portraits

Somehow, an entire year has passed since we shot Jax’s newborn session… I’m not quite sure how that happened, but it did.  And here we are, one year later.  🙂

Happy Birthday, little Jaxy!  Hope you saved some room for your party cake later today.  🙂

Kids Are Funny v1.0 | NWA Photography Contest

UPDATE – keep the votes coming, everyone!  I’m amazed at how many fans these amazing kids have!  For my own counting sanity, please only one vote per person.  🙂

It’s been, as my niece would say, so “really really very very” long since I held a contest… (she likes adverbs, it’s her thing).

As promised, the photo contest is ON.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick your favorite silly kid below.
  2. Leave a comment (here, on the blog) with the number of the photo you’re voting for (see comments for example).
  3. Wait a week & see who wins!  Voting ends at midnight on Friday, September 24th.

The winner will receive FOUR mini-sessions in the year 2011 – that’s right,  mini-sessions for every season.  Gosh, that’s fabulous.

And the contestants?  Drumroll, please…

#1 – Landon

Landon’s mommy says – “Landon needed to poop but didn’t want to miss his show… So, as any resourceful boy would do, he carried his potty to the living room to do his business!”

#2 – Marlow

Marlow’s mommy says – “Marlow almost forgot to blow dry her hair before she headed out.”

#3 – Brooklynn

Brooklynn’s mommy says – “Brooklynn was playing and refused to take a nap so I let her stay up and the next time I turned around she had crashed sitting up.”

#4 – Parker

Parker’s mommy says – “No joke he came into the bathroom while I was getting ready one day and said “mom I ready to go”. He had no pants on, shoes on the wrong feet, an Iron mask on and an toy gun in his hand. He was so serious!”

#5 – Alis

Alis’ sister Sindy sent in several funny photos – I chose this one because it was the one that made me laugh the hardest.  🙂

#6 – Ben

Ben’s mommy didn’t include a quote about the photo… but it looks to me like he had a good time playing with his big sister’s things.

#7 – Kylee

Oh, Kylee.  You slay me.

#8 – Quinn

Quinn’s mommy says – “Nothing like listening to a few tunes while on the toilet….”

#9 – Lorelei

When Lorelei’s mommy sent this to  me last night, I quite literally laughed out loud.  And when I re-opened it this morning to put it in the blog post, I laughed out loud again.  This image makes me maniacal.

#10 – Ashlyn & Lauryn

Ashlyn & Lauryn’s mommy says – “Since I have twins, they now fight over toys. This is Ashyln guarding the toys from her sister Lauryn as she plays with what she can pull out from under her butt.”

#11 – Owen

This is a move from Owen that I’m pretty familiar with… 🙂


Let the voting begin!  🙂

An important note – if you’ve never commented before on this here ol’ blog, don’t be alarmed if your comment doesn’t show up right away.  Pesky spam guard wants me to “approve” things… no worries, I’ll be ready & waiting to approve each one that comes through!

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Anoura | NWA Baby Photographer

Guess who came to see me today?  Mhm.  Anoura… and she’s the cuteness.

Game On | NWA Children’s Photography Contest

A few weeks ago, I posted on Facebook for some contest ideas.  There were several good ones, but my favorite one (worst school photos, LOVE this idea) would require me using another photographer’s images.  That’s no bueno.

Then, a baby boom happened, and I *almost* forgot about the contest.  Until today, when I miraculously remembered it.  Yay, me!

So, who wants to win a YEAR’S worth of mini-sessions for their kid?  That’s right.  I said it, a year’s worth.

Here’s how to play…

Dig through your snapshots and send me the funniest photo of your kid doing whatever it is your kid does that’s funny.  Little Jimmy likes to play in the sandbox in his diaper while wearing a paper crown and fake mustache?  Awesome.  Send it in.  Suzy thinks it’s funny to put on all your makeup while you’re in the shower?  Superb.

Here’s an example:

This is her idea of “hiding” from me during a game of hide-n-seek. I did NOT teach her how to play this game, I would just like to note that.

I’ll be accepting entries until midnight on Friday, September 17th, with a week-long voting contest (here, on the blog) to follow.  Entries MUST be photos taken as a snapshot (i.e., no professional images from other photographers) and must be emailed to melissa@preservedphoto.com.

The winner will receive 4 complementary studio mini-sessions for the year of 2011.

How ’bout that for a contest?  Hmm?  Game on, my people.

*note* – Studio Mini-Sessions are booked per child and each mini-session includes 2 fully-edited digital files on disk.  Additional prints/products purchased separately.

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Savannah | Northwest Arkansas First Birthday Portraits

Just a peek of what’s to come from Savie’s 1-year session.  I love this little girl, she is way too good to me.  🙂

More to come… just wait for it. 🙂

Julia | NWA Baby Photographer

Sweet, little, precious Julia was kind enough to come over this evening and help me test out a new backdrop (of sorts) that I snagged this past weekend.  These are just a couple of the photos we shot, she is so insanely cute!  Big thanks to her mommy for taking time out of her schedule to come & see me.  🙂