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You may remember this precious little family from my blog a few months back.

This is Dennis, Lacie, and Kenadee.  Aren’t they the sweetest?

In all truthfulness (and if you know me at all, you know I wouldn’t say this unless it were 100% true), Lacie is one of the most sincere, caring, and STRONGEST women I have ever met.  She juggles things that I didn’t even realize were possible – all the while, with a smile on her adorable face.  She’s nothing short of amazing, and so is her sweet husband.

I asked Lacie to type up a few words for me – discussing what it’s been like to be Kenadee’s mom & go on this journey.  Here’s what she said:

“Kenadee was born in 2009 with numerous disabilities. My pregnancy was perfect for nine months, Kenadee arrived, and then our world shattered when we heard the words “there is something wrong with Kenadee’s brain.” Since that day, we have went through lots of tests, lots of surgeries, and a million specialist appointments. One thing I have learned to focus on is what I can do in caring for Kenadee, instead of what cannot be changed. Focusing on the obstacles means giving up, and that is not an option. Some days, I feel like the only thing I’ve accomplished is not falling apart. But I know that great things are built on a foundation of small, often unseen influences. Even something as small as hope can change the world.

My hope is that someday Kenadee will bring hope by rising above her physical limitations and the expectations set forth by her specialists and others who might not understand the unique world of special needs children. While Kenadee may never communicate her story, one thing is for sure….. She will navigate the world differently than everyone else, and I am along for the ride. My dream is that she will inspire me and I know this is a dream that has already come true, in so many ways, every day.”

I told you, she’s a rock.

This brings me to the reason for my post.  Lacie’s family needs our support.  Their crazy life has been throwing obstacles at them left & right and you know what?  It’s just time we all pitched in & did a little something to help them out – even if they don’t want to ask for it.

Here’s where you come in…  below is a link to a fundraiser that Lacie’s aunt has set up on Facebook.  Pitch in.  Donate whatever you can – if you can – even the smallest donation is going toward one of THE best causes you could ever give to.  And you can also help by spreading the word about this to everyone you know.  Let’s get Kenadee’s story out there and do everything we can to relieve a little bit of the tension that she and her parents so gracefully cope with EVERY. single. day.


To sweeten the deal – when the fundraiser reaches $1000, I’ll give away a free photo session chosen at random (leave a comment on this post to be entered).  And if they reach $2500?  The winner also gets ALL of their digital images on disk – totally free.

Now, click this link and let’s do our part to support this gorgeous girl and her mom & dad.. here it is again, in case you missed it:



  1. Thanks for being a cheerleader for Lacie – your words about her are so true. I stand only in amazement at her strength, and no one could be a better mom for Kenadee. Donating to the fundraiser is just as simple as a few clicks so let’s show ’em some love people!

  2. what a gorgeous little girl and a mother with the strength of 100 combined. my thoughts and prayers are with you! lets help this beautiful family out!

  3. you are a wonderful friend to have to help spread the word about this adorable little girl and her strong parents! Thoughts and prayers are sent their way!

  4. Thanks for doing this for Lacie and her family

  5. Jessica Brown says:

    This story touched my heart…I am praying for them!

  6. This is very heart touching! My thoughts and prayers are with them and I will definately spread the word about the fundraiser for them! God Bless all!

  7. Lacie is truley one of the sweetest people I know and no matter what life throws at her she always has a smile on her face. Even if people can only give a dollar every little bit will help Lacie and her family. Thanks for doing this for Lacie and her family Melissa.

  8. So were broke have got our own scary issues nothing in comparison but Im familiar with the walking the halls of the nicu. I want to do SOMETHING though. if anything comes up or needs coordinating snail mail anything, use me, i worked in advertising and im a stay at home. USE ME

  9. Shannon Frederick says:

    I’m happy to help Lacie any way that I can. She is a sweetheart with a million dollar smile.

  10. My thoughts and prayers are with them. What a beautiful baby!

  11. Kara Rowe says:

    Melissa- What a good friend you are! My heart goes out to them!

  12. Jennifer Guzman says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Lacie and her family! I will definately spread the word about this fundraiser!

  13. Melissa Green Dereberry says:

    Thank you so much for this!
    @Jules: It would be awesome if we could score some real media attention for this. Any ideas? Let’s see how far we can take this!

  14. Karlyn jay says:

    You sure are an amazing woman, Melissa! So proud of you for all you’re doing for this precious family! Love you!

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